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Good signs require more than sound mechanical and electrical design.

Good signs incorporate design and marketing decisions creating the message, look, colors, sign types, sizes, quantities, etc. to create the required impact.

Quoting U. S. Small Business Administration research, 89% of businesses that fail do so because of improper signage!

Stated differently, good signage gives a business an almost 90% probability of success.

Whether they are illuminated channel letters, neon signs, lighted sign cabinets, LED message centers, pole signs, pylon signs, or monument signs that light, outdoor custom electric signs in front of a business are the least costly means of advertising available over time.

It is the most targeted advertising a business can do according to the U. S. Small Business Administration (SBA), which also states that 85% of a businesses sales usually come from within a 5 mile radius.

The importance of signage in helping a business to survive was recently underscored when the Small Business Development Center (SBDC), with their NxLeveL for Entrepreneurs training program, which is available in 40 states, added an entire week to their program to present more deeply “…the importance of signs and their impact on a business…”

Surprisingly 30% of traffic on almost all business streets occurs when it is dark; people see your sign only if it is lighted when it is dark out, including on dark days when everyone else's sign is lighted.

With 18.6% of the entire US population moving each year, signs are constantly seen by MANY potentially new customers.

A sign forms that very important “first impression” potential customers have of a business.  Signs must always look nearly as good as they look the day they are installed so that they don't give potential customers a worsening impression of a business as the signs age.Electric Sign Authority Listing Label

While Underwriter's Laboratory and other listing companies test and approve mechanical, electrical, and installation aspects of sign manufacturing, only the Electric Sign Authority (ESA) supervises the design, marketing appeal, appearance, and longevity of signage.

Look for the Electric Signs Authority (ESA) Listing Label (right) in the advertising of Sign Companies committed to providing their customers with a better advertising and marketing product that will look good for years.

Discover how we make signs to last; including the use of CNC manufacturing, rust-proof metal, structural-steel frames, high-end automotive paint, high-impact plastics, and most importantly, sophisticated protective coatings.  We even add self-cleaning properties.

We champion brighter, energy-saving signage solutions that save customers money while protecting our environment.  No matter what type of signage you are considering, please explore our "Lighting Choices" tab for that product, with its own "Energy Savings" tab.

Sign Companies wishing to enquire about participation in the Electric Sign Authority program should "click" on "Contact Form" above.

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